Solar and Culinary, a Fruitful Relationship

Over the years, Windfree has taken great pride in installing hundreds of solar PV systems across the Chicagoland area. With every system, we aim to create a more efficient and reliable energy source for all our customers. Through our customers, we help build more energy-conscious communities and make a positive impact in our city. One of our most memorable residential projects was built in 2020, owned by world-renowned chef and restaurateur, Rick Bayless. Bayless has always emphasized the importance of sustainability and working locally with any of his projects. Thus, we were ecstatic to work with Rick on constructing two separate solar systems to operate at his north-side Chicago property. A 13.32 kW system was built to meet the energy needs of his home and a 10.65 kW on his garage to provide energy for his garden. Overall, the residential property is equipped with over 20 kW of solar energy available for use. Recently we had the opportunity to reconnect with Chef Bayless, as he was a keynote speaker at the Everything Local Convention that Windfree sponsored in Springfield, IL. earlier this year. At Windfree, we are proud to have been involved in such a meaningful project for Chef Bayless and glad to share the values of sustainability and environmentally conscious efforts that impact our local community in Chicago in so many positive ways.




Another amazing project we were able to be a part of was the new construction of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, which opened last autumn in the West Loop. Upon construction, Guinness and their architects were adamant that this location be equipped with a renewable energy system. As we workedalongside their team, we were able to install a 98.80 kW DC Solar system on the Large south facing roof space. This commercial-scale project took only a few months to complete and is now up and running to help support the energy demands of the brewery. We have been thrilled to have worked with such a large corporation, like Diageo, that is building and supplying their products with both the local community and environment in mind.







Overall, the clients we have worked with throughout the past 15 years have allowed us to build strong connections all over Illinois and have impacted the local outlook on solar. We hope to continue to serve more communities, and celebrities alike, and help bring more renewable energy to Chicago.