Energy Storage

windfree solar energy storage serices

Energy storage allows you to capture the solar energy that you produce. It allows you to use your own power even when the sun isn’t out – that means you can power your property overnight, during outages, and only pull electricity from the grid when it is least expensive.

For homeowners and businesses in states that do not have net metering programs, energy storage systems help you to utilize all of your solar energy and not let your clean energy go to waste.


State by State

The need for battery storage solutions depends a lot on your particular solar project and also where you live. Ask a Windfree Solar representative if energy storage makes sense for you.

Grid Resiliency

Solar + Batteries provide resiliency when the grid has blackouts.

Increase Property Value

Adding renewable energy systems to your home or business will increase the property value by about $20 per $1 in utility savings. This means if your solar PV system helps save $400 in a year, your home value increases by $8,000.

Utility Independence

Going solar and creating your own energy helps you hedge against rising utility costs.

Saves You Money

Start saving money right away by producing and using your own energy.

Take Advantage of State & Federal Incentives

There are very impactful state and federal incentives that make going solar easier than ever.

Develop, Design & Install

As a full-service EPC, we handle the entire project process ourselves. That means we take care of everything from the initial sale, to design, installation, and beyond.

When you partner with Windfree Solar, you work with the same group of professionals through the entire lifecycle of your project. Familiarity, trust, and thoroughness are paramount to us and we work hard to give all of our clients a first-rate solar experience.

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