Commercial Solar

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Windfree Solar has managed commercial solar projects of every shape and size – everything from large manufacturing facilities to small businesses.

We treat each project as a unique challenge and work hard to help our clients take advantage of state and federal rebates, navigate system complexities, and see their sustainability goals come to fruition.


Unique Clients, Custom Projects

At Windfree Solar, we pride ourselves on completing challenging projects that many solar companies cannot get done. We have worked on projects of all types, shapes, and sizes and continue to provide custom renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses alike.

Grid Resiliency

Solar + Batteries provide resiliency when the grid has blackouts.

Increase Property Value

Adding renewable energy systems to your home or business will increase the property value by about $20 per $1 in utility savings. This means if your solar PV system helps save $400 in a year, your home value increases by $8,000.

Utility Independence

Going solar and creating your own energy helps you hedge against rising utility costs.

Take Advantage of State & Federal Incentives

There are very impactful state and federal incentives that make going solar easier than ever.

Develop, Design & Install

As a full-service EPC, we handle the entire project process ourselves. That means we take care of everything from the initial sale, to design, installation, and beyond.

When you partner with Windfree Solar, you work with the same group of professionals through the entire lifecycle of your project. Familiarity, trust, and thoroughness are paramount to us and we work hard to give all of our clients a first-rate solar experience.

Connect With Your Commercial Solar Pros

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