DuPage County Building

DuPage County Goes Solar!






Jinko Solar Panels & SolarEdge Inverter

Project Size

164 KW

About The Project

In the winter of 2022 DuPage County sought out bids for a solar PV system at the 421 County Building. Having a strong desire to work with our community, we submitted a very competitive bid and were fortunately awarded this project. Since then, the project has been a delight to bring to life. This project is ballasted and only penetrates the roof at a single point, and is then connected to the electric service in the basement. When our municipalities promote sustainability and do their part to help fight climate change and protect our environment, it’s a big deal. There are more and more cities, counties, and state programs in Illinois that are helping to make energy sources more sustainable, and we hope that projects like this one help to inspire others.