Oak Park Rec Center

Net Zero Building


Oak Park, IL


Non-Profit, Commercial, Municipal


Q Cell Bifacial, SolarEdge

Project Size

318 KW

About The Project

The Oak Park Community Rec Center is a Net Zero building that is completely powered by the 318 kW solar array that covers the rooftop, south wall, and parking lot. This project consists of 3 large rooftop arrays, a 68 panel carport canopy, and a 52 panel solar awning along the south facing wall of the building. This project had a limited amount of space available, and needed enough solar energy to power the building. Given these circumstances, our team had to get creative and use all possible available space in order to achieve the Park District’s sustainability goal of being Net Zero. Working on projects such as this one is really something that we are proud of and happy that the community will enjoy.